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Maths Curriculum and supporting documents



Maths is taught every day at Brookfield. Children are taught in one formal lesson each day (Fridays are problem solving lessons where children extend their logical thinking and look at pattern and number in a more open ended way) as well as being woven in through the day in songs, rhymes and cross curricular activities. At Brookfield to help aid mental maths skills children work their way through a series of Maths Challenges. These are short 2 or 4 minute timed challenged that move from number bonds through to times tables. A sample of these challenges can be found on the curriculum page of our school web site. We aim to use a variety of practical, visual, auditory and written methods of teaching and are happy to explain any maths concepts to parents who would like to know how we address each area of the curriculum i.e. multiplication methods. We aim to teach Maths through real life scenarios and encourage children to work through daily word problems to consolidate their understanding of concepts taught.