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At Brookfield we teach Music in a variety of ways. Firstly we use songs, rhymes, rhythm and performance across our curriculum to support learning i.e. number songs and rhymes, rhythm and performance of poetry… etc. We are also very fortunate to have our own pianist at Brookfield. Mrs Board has taken our musical skills to a new level creating some breath taking work with the children. She mainly focuses on the singing aspect of the curriculum but also introduces and extends children’s skills in other areas like listening and memory, pitch and note changes along with the use of percussion. These all lead into our school performances throughout the year. This is another way of bring music into our students school lives. They thrive on the chance to learn and perform work for their families and create some brilliant work! Mrs Board also uses music to help support children in a nurture singing group once a week as well as extending gifted and talented children in a lunchtime club. She also leads our school choir, who practice regularly and have performed at in and out of school events.  In addition to these regular ways of integrating music into our school children also enjoy music as part of our ‘Around the World Week’ each year where they experience music from around the world as well as many other different and exciting learning opportunities.

Music Curriculum Map