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School Clubs

Football Club

Mr Langley, Mrs Butterworth and Mrs Aulsberry run a football club for year 1 (Tuesdays) and Year 2 (Wednesdays).

This is always outside so children need to be dressed for all weathers! Please speak to Mrs Butterworth or Mrs Aulsberry for more information.

Computer Club

Computer Club is held on Tuesdays at 3.10pm - 4.00pm by Miss Smith. Due to high demand children can only have a place for 1 term each year.
Children have a choice of activities during this after school club. These include Bugclub, digital paint programs, coding activities and other online learning games. Children will receive a certificate once they have finished their time at the club.

We do try to prioritize children who do not have computer access at home but always try to give as many children a chance to attend. Did you know your child can also use a computer for free at Larkfield Library?

Josh said "I like Bug Club because it helps me to read!"

Holly said "Computer Club is fun!"

Ruby-June said "I like Computer Club because I can read good books on Bug Club."

Children's Paint Pictures using Purple Mash

Children's Paint Pictures using Purple Mash 1
Children's Paint Pictures using Purple Mash 2
Children's Paint Pictures using Purple Mash 3
Children's Paint Pictures using Purple Mash 4

Children made colour spinners on Purple Mash

Children made colour spinners on Purple Mash 1 Freddie's spinner
Picture 1
Picture 2

Choir runs on a Thursday with Mrs Board for Year 1 and 2 during school hours. Choir have been very busy learning lots of new songs. Previously they have performed Christmas Carols at B&Q with Mrs Woods, Miss Smith and Mrs Butterworth, sung to the elderly and entertained parents at different school events. Mrs Burton is the teacher contact you will need to see if you are interested in Choir. 

Morning story
Mrs Guyton runs a morning story club on Friday mornings for Year 2 children. She invites children in before school starts for hot chocolate, toast and an opportunity to share stories in her room! This is an invite only club however if you think your child might benefit from this club please ask at the school office.



Multi-skills is run by Miss Dennis and Miss Bailey. The club is designed to improve children's co-ordination, balance and motor skills through a wide variety of activities.
Children will need their P.E kits for this club.

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Crazy feet

Crazy feet is a very popular club at Brookfield. The out of school dance teacher Sarah works hard to teach the members fun dances to current music that the kids love!
The children perform their dances in assemblies 3 times a year where parents are invited to watch. They also dance at our schools summer fayre!
Both boys and girls are welcome to join. This club is for year 1 and 2 children.
Children will need either a P.E kit or 'dance clothes' to change into. They will need to either bring a water bottle or use their classroom cup.

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Board Game Club

Miss Russell runs a Board Game club on a Tuesday after school. This club aims to support children with the numeracy skills by playing a variety of fun, yet educational board games such as dominoes and number games. 

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Running Club

We will soon be starting a running club. This will not only help keep our little people active but also be lots of fun. We aim to start with a warm up, practice running skills, go for a run around the school grounds and cool down before pick up time. Children will need to bring trainers. They can wear their P.E kits or bring their own running clothes. More details on this club will be available soon.